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Channels & Broadcast Area

CPT12 Channels:

Colorado Public Television (CPT12) offers more than just its flagship signal, Channel 12.1. The station also multicasts on channels 12.2 and 12.3:


Channel 12.1
The station’s flagship channel delivers a diverse mix of local, national and international programming infused with quality PBS shows. For over 30 years, Channel 12.1 has inspired, educated and entertained with the best in children’s, music, documentary, health, global and public affairs programming.


Channel 12.2 (Plus)
This channel spotlights the best of independently-produced documentaries, children’s programming, music, travel, exercise, cooking, public affairs and more. Channel 12.2 gives viewers the chance to take a second – and often more in-depth – look at the relevant programming of the day.


Channel 12.3 (MHz Worldview)
This channel features MHz WORLDVIEW – a lineup of programs from around the world that provide diverse cultural perspectives for a globally-minded audience. Programming blocks include world news, foreign affairs, international mysteries, world music, sports, and foreign films.

CPT12 Broadcast Area:

Not sure where to watch CPT12? Enter your zip code in the field below to find our channels in your area.

New Boulder Signal

CPT12 has completed the installation of a new digital translator on Davidson Ridge, overlooking the Boulder Valley. The new translator replaces analog service and provides all three CPT12 digital channels to antenna viewers around Boulder with fill-in service in Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and beyond.

To receive CPT12’s three digital channels (12.1, 12.2, and 12.3), Boulder Valley viewers will need to rescan their converter box or HDTV tuner and possibly re-aim their home antennas.

Check out some tips from the CPT12 engineers, or contact CTP12 for over-the-air signal assistance.

Reception Tips & FAQs

Get some tips from the CPT12 engineers on receiving our three digital channels over the air – as well as some frequently asked questions about our signal.

Watch MHz Worldview Live on Apps or Online

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Now you can watch MHz live online, or on apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android.

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