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General Manager's Message

Gardeners. Dog lovers. Artists. Welcome here.

Making a positive difference in our community every day is what drives each of us here at Colorado Public Television to reach beyond our past achievements to chart a new course for excellence. And my favorite part is that we reach that pinnacle together, hand-in-hand with our community.

I'm Kim Johnson, and in addition to being a passionate advocate of local public media, I'm a glass artist, a dog lover, and a gardener. Each is a role that defines me as much as the almost 24 years that I've been working behind the scenes at Colorado Public Television (CPT12). In stepping into the role as general manager this year, I want to introduce myself and perhaps provide a bit of insight into the heart and soul that is CPT12.

Careful management of our membership dollars has kept the business aspect of our operations moving steadily along. But it's more than budgets and technical capacities that inspire me to rededicate myself to our mission everyday. I am part of a team comprised of individuals with interests and passions outside of work that feed the ideas that make our programming so unique. Like our audience, we live in communities both near and far from Denver, and we consider our viewers as diverse individuals, not merely Nielson ratings numbers. We know that our members are not just financial donors – you are the backbone of a community doing what you can to improve and enrich the lives of others.

The animal lover in me was proud to assist the Freedom Service Dogs organization by producing and broadcasting messages about their service to our community as part of our CPT12 Gives Back initiative. In turn, the artist in me delighted as we produced and aired, Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey, and the cultivator in me was gratified to see our very own home-grown music series, Sounds on 29th, garner a Colorado Broadcasters Award Certificate of Merit in its first season.

With that same passion for feeding the curious and engaged citizen in all of us, and mindful of the trust placed in us to be stewards of our community's financial support to provide compelling programming and community engagement, I'm enormously proud to report that CPT12 is growing! Our solid fiscal health is the foundation from which we have been expanding our services. In 2014, that means we have been able to double the amount of collaborative projects we do with independent content partners; we have been able to increase our renowned political and debate coverage to include an exciting new debate platform for some of Colorado’s exceptional high school students; and the station’s ongoing work in education has been recognized with the largest content grant in the station’s history! With this support, we will be expanding our partnership with local and statewide organizations that provide guidance, resources and support to students who are at risk of dropping out of school. Through this work, we have the honor of watching our community’s young people gain the confidence they need to succeed and to open the door to a brighter future.

As I make my way into the office each morning, I am inspired by the people who walk through our front door on a daily basis. A business card or volunteer badge identifies them as employees or advocates of Colorado Public Television; but put that title down and you'll see artists, athletes, musicians, world travelers, glass blowers, car experts, gardeners and students of life-long learning with rich, multi-faceted lives, just like you.

We will be taking that same inspiration, passion and commitment into 2015. And the gardener in me looks forward to continuing to tend this garden.

Kim Johnson signature
Kim Johnson
General Manager

Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson

CPT12 General Manager

CPT12 Gives Back


Beyond education, there’s another very important engagement philosophy, rooted in collective impact, that has taken hold at CPT12 and it’s called, CPT12 Gives Back. Each month during 2012, CPT12 selected a local non-profit organization that aligned with our mission and values.

From education to animal welfare and environmental stewardship non-profits, CPT12 provided each organization with a 30-second on-air public service announcement and visibility using CPT12’s social media presence.

Additionally, each month, CPT12 staff offered to volunteer for that month’s featured non-profit, helping with everything from serving food to gardening to helping train service dogs. CPT12 also made the video available to each non-profit selected for their own use on their own web sites and other promotional applications.

Many non-profits cannot afford to produce their own video spots, and these videos helped them tell their message to our communities.
  • Urban Peak
  • Freedom Service Dogs
  • Women’s Bean Project
  • Project Angel Heart
  • Karis Community
  • Bicycle Colorado
  • Colorado Trail Foundation
  • The Action Center (Jeffco.)
  • Peace Jam Foundation
  • Sense of Security
  • Judi’s House
  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless


Awards of Excellence


We celebrated several Colorado Broadcasters Association awards in 2012 including:


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