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High School Student Strives for Change with Only Cents

Denver - June 17, 2009 - Cherry Creek High School Junior Dani Freid is trying to make a difference with just a little pocket change.

Like many people around the world Dani, a resident of Greenwood Village, knew very little about the slavery and genocide in the Sudan. She and some of her fellow classmates took the opportunity to find out during class project. As they learned more they knew they had to do something, but how far could a group of wide-eyed dreamers possibly go.

After appearing on KBDI’s weekly topic discussion show Studio 12 with Tamara Banks, we have an idea of how far someone with drive can go. Freid sat along side former U.S. Congressmen Tom Tancredo and discussed her group Change the World It Just Takes Cents.

The group has grown from just a handful of students to an international organization that aims to “raise community awareness, motivate their peers towards appropriate action, fundraise by collecting loose change, and speak out representing the voice of the silenced children of Darfur,” according to their website. Along with growing to an international community, the group has raised over $30,000 and the awareness of countless people.

Freid held her own with the panel of experts, having the composure of someone three times her age. She told her story with the passion one might expect of someone running for office, but certainly not a high school student.

Pastor Heidi McGinness an Outreach Director for Christian Solidarity International and fellow guest of Studio 12 was thrilled that someone Dani’s age was making such a big difference and said that in the future she hoped the two could combine efforts to help abolish slavery around the world. Pastor McGinness what not alone in her elation that young people were getting involved. Former Congressmen Tancredo also spoke of how happy he was to see that young people of the world could come together to help the Sudanese.

The situation in Darfur is still unresolved but Dani Freid has shown that it doesn’t take a whole army to make a difference just a little compassion.

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Marketing Intern
KBDI-TV, Channel 12 (PBS)
Denver, CO
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