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 Contact: Sam A. Safarian, Producer, 303-991-5044


Program Asks the Question: In facing your own mortality,
what final message would you leave for future generations?


“I wonder, sometimes, if tribalism is not hard-wired into our genetic makeup, along with such qualities as the desire to speak.  It's a pessimistic possibility and I hope not, because if it is, I hope our intelligence is powerful enough to over-ride it...to allow us to see beyond the needs and fears of our own egos, and our own tribes, and to look into a world that we all share.”    Robert Ebert            
April 04, 2013 – PBS affiliate, Colorado Public Television (CPT12) will commemorate the recent death of film critic Roger Ebert with its broadcast of the “11th Hour” episode featuring his testimony on April 7 at 9:30 p.m. on channel 12.1. In his 11th Hour appearance, film critic and Pulitzer Prize Winner, Roger Ebert, delivers a speech balanced with humor and seriousness covering topics from film history, education, tribalism and his hope for mankind.
Distinguished individuals from around the world, including Ebert, have been invited to answer the provocative question by contributing their living testaments, as they would like to be remembered when delivering their lasting message to the world. 
ROGER EBERT (1942 - 2013) was a film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times, a position he has held since 1967.  His reviews, interviews, essays and film festival reports are distributed to more than 200 newspapers.  He is the author of several books, including the Movie Home Companion, which is a regular on the Publisher's Weekly trade paperback best-seller list.  Together with the Chicago Tribune's Gene Siskel, he has been reviewing movies on national television since 1976.  He is the only motion picture critic to date to have won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. 
THE 11TH HOUR series is dedicated to the living human spirit of all ages and backgrounds.  Individuals have been invited to participate because of their contribution to the historical record of our times, for their distinguished achievement in their chosen fields, and for their ability to articulate and communicate the values that have defined their lives.  By graciously agreeing to appear, each individual directly confronts their own mortality, knowing their final message will serve as a valuable contribution to the present and as a legacy for future generations.
 THE 11TH HOUR was created by producer Samuel A. Safarian and is co-produced by CPT12 (PBS affiliate) and Denver Center Media a division of The Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  Since production began in 1991, notable figures have taped their messages for this historical video library including: 

Steve Allen

Gloria Allred

Ben Bagdikian

Daniel Berrigan

Baxter Black

David Brower

Leo Buscaglia

Dr. Helen Caldicott

Tony Church

Ward Connerly

Denny Dent

Roger Ebert

Dr. Harry Edwards

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

Rev. Jerry Falwell

Mike Farrell

Michael Franzese

Betty Friedan

Allen Ginsberg

Dr. Jane Goodall

Dick Gregory

James Bo Gritz

Scott Hamilton

Sen. Gary Hart

Dr. Benjamin Hooks

Derek Humphry

Dolores Huerta

Marc Klaas

William Kunstler

Jack LaLanne

Gov. Richard Lamm

Candace Lightner

Fang Lizhi

Jeb Stuart Magruder

Armistead Maupin

Bill McCartney

Sarah McClendon

Sen. George McGovern

John McManus

Russell Means

Ingrid Newkirk

Sister Helen Prejean

Rep. Patricia Schroeder

Bobby Seale

Pete Seeger

Dr. Bernie Siegel

Curtis Sliwa

Paolo Soleri

Dr. Edward Teller

Randall Terry

Marilyn Van Derbur

Gov. Jesse Ventura

Dennis Weaver

Harry Wu

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11th Hour "Roger Ebert"
11th Hour "Roger Ebert"
Nicholas DeSciose
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