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12 Talk: The Winds of Change

This month will mark a major turning point for KBDI and our communications with you. In late December, we will be launching a new KBDI website; and after this issue, we are terminating Choice in its print form.

Since its launch in 2000, the KBDI website has been a work in progress. With every passing quarter we have made incremental changes to try to shape a more effective medium for interaction with our members. We have always known what we wanted to do with the website long term, but with the obligations of Choice and all the other responsibilities at the station, there never seemed to be time or resources to sit down and complete the comprehensive makeover. As an alternative, we tried several experiments to update the contents and look of Choice, but those improvements led to higher production and editorial costs, detracting from our ability to invest additional resources in the more necessary website improvements.

All those issues came to a head last summer as we were wrestling with the 2005 budget. In conversations with the board and members, we came to the conclusion that our efforts to continue developing both our print and Internet media were not in the best interests of either the station or of you, our viewers. We decided that the most cost-effective solution would be to focus our efforts more exclusively on the interactive medium and proceed with a major, definitive overhaul of the website. Although it was a difficult decision, we also decided to cease publishing Choice in hardcopy.

The website re-design is comprehensive and is permitting us to add several features that we were otherwise trying to develop in Choice. One exciting new section, called Community Voices, showcases our local Colorado focus. Within this section, 12 Talk will feature editorials by KBDI staff, local program hosts and other key contributors; Viewer Buzz will highlight and solicit viewers’ comments; and KBDI Productions will feature up-to-date topic information about our many weekly discussion shows. Because the website is “live” and dynamic, we will be able to update and change these elements whenever necessary. We will no longer be bound by the rigid monthly schedule of a printed guide. Programming schedules will be up-to-date and you will even be able to send yourself email reminders so you won’t miss your favorite programs.

It has not been easy for some of us to give up Choice in its current form. We also know that for some of you this transition might not be greeted with enthusiasm. Perhaps as with many of you, most on the KBDI board and staff are avid periodical and newspaper readers; we like the tangible substance of a hardcopy publication. We’re print people in television clothing!

But we also have to be good stewards of your membership dollars. You invest in KBDI for the nature and quality of our programming services, and it is our duty to dedicate as much of those resources to programming as we can. We also feel obliged to offer our viewers efficient, useful, and comprehensive programming information. We believe the new website form will do precisely that.

So please bear with us and give the new medium a chance. Lift a cup to the passing of this venerable publication, and come find us online at www.kbdi.org. By January 1st we’ll be there – waiting to greet you.

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