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12 Talk: Of Websites, Great Press and Reflected Glory

Welcome to the newly revised and re-launched KBDI website. As reported in Winds of Change, an article from the final edition of our printed guide Choice, we are redirecting all our scarce publication resources to broadening and improving the Channel 12 website, and we hope that you will spend a little time exploring it.

There are two major goals for the site. One is to allow you ready access to the core program information that you need to guide your KBDI viewing. The second is to provide you more information about the station generally, and easier ways of interacting with us. Viewers and members alike, you are all part of the KBDI family and we hope the website will help enhance communication among us.

One of the features of the site will be our ability to update you regularly on news about the station, including press coverage. Periodically there are interesting newspaper articles about KBDI that merit more direct circulation with station friends. We won’t clutter the website with every minor notice about the station or our programs, but we will share more significant pieces. One such article appeared just as we were preparing the re-launch of the website – “KBDI’s Colorado Focus Shines” by Dusty Saunders, broadcasting critic for the Rocky Mountain News. You can access this article in our online Press Room.

The ability to post the article demonstrates the dynamic character of the website. We are no longer bound by the old month-to-month deadlines and space limitations of the printed guide. We can use the site as a “breaking news” medium and share important information with you almost instantaneously.

Saunders’ article also is of interest because of what it says about KBDI’s role in local programming. Here’s just a sample:

“Channel 12 [is] still doing what it does best: putting a focus on individuals and issues that affect Colorado… The station is more than a public TV outlet. It’s a community asset… Channel 12 deserves recognition as the Denver TV Station of the Year.”

Take a look at the entire article for more detail about our local programming efforts and a clearer understanding of what sets KBDI apart in Colorado television. Naturally, such praise and endorsement of our efforts is a source of great pride. We’d happily accept a “station of the year” award but, regardless, we know that what we’ve been doing by way of local public affairs and election coverage is fulfilling a crucial need in Colorado.

It is also something we could not be doing without the support of our members. Those of you who are subscribing to the station as individuals and those who are sponsoring our programs as underwriters are making it possible for us to provide this service. Any glory we receive is reflected; it derives from what you encourage and enable us to do.

As we make the turn into the New Year, many thanks to all of you for your support. Please keep it up and please use this new website to stay in touch.

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