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12 Talk: House Restores Partial Funding to Public Broadcasting

The full House of Representatives voted Thursday, June 23 to restore $100 million originally slated to be cut from the 2006 CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) budget. The amendment passed 284 – 140 thanks to the strong signal of support sent to House Members by large numbers of concerned citizens like you.

Thank you! Your voice made the difference.

This is a tremendous victory for Public Broadcasting – but the fight isn’t over yet. We also remain very concerned that, despite the restorations to the 2006 CPB budget noted above, the following funds were cut:

  • $23 million for the Ready to Learn program, which subsidizes children’s educational programming and distributes learning materials
  • $95 million for Interconnection System for Stations and Station Assistance for Federally mandated Digital Transition.

These cuts would decimate the ability of local public television stations to finance local programming, educational outreach and even to air PBS programming. In terms of the digital transition, many local PBS stations, especially those in rural areas, will be unable to complete the transition and will go dark when their analog signal goes off.

We all have to gear up for these further funding struggles in the Senate. However, with the momentum of the initial CPB budget victory behind us we can focus our efforts on these issues and, with your continued active support and attention, muster the necessary votes to ensure a successful future for KBDI and all of Public Broadcasting

Locally, we would like to thank the three members of the Colorado delegation who voted in favor of the Obey-Lowey-Leach amendment which restored CPB funding. However, it was disappointing to learn that four other Colorado members of the delegation did not support the amendment – despite prodigious efforts in the KBDI community. It is dismaying to witness such opposition to federal funding of public culture, and we hope that friends of public broadcasting residing in the districts of these members will keep lobbying them accordingly. (Find out how your representative voted.)

My profound thanks again to all of our viewers and supporters in Colorado who joined the grassroots campaign to save public broadcasting. Friends of KBDI can join their millions of fellow public broadcasting supporters across the nation in congratulating one another on a job well done.

Keep checking this website for updates and call your legislators to thank them for their support. Let them know how much KBDI and public broadcasting mean to you.

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