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12 Talk: COLORADO INSIDE OUT Goes Back to 1906

KBDI-TV will broadcast a special edition of it’s Friday night panel program, COLORADO INSIDE OUT on Friday, July 7th, 2006 at 8pm. In honor of the 4th of July holiday week, the show will visit the issues and concerns of Colorado in 1906.

In addition to host Peter Boyles, panelists Patricia Calhoun, editor of Westword newspaper; David Kopel, from the Independence Institute; Craig Silverman from 630 KHOW; and Dani Newsum from the Chinook Fund all assumed characters from Colorado’s past to play in the trip back in time. Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher also gets into the act, by playing Former Denver Mayor, Robert Speer, in a short silent film package.

This is the fourth time expedition for the COLORADO INSIDE OUT panel. The years of 1945, 1968 and 1980 were visited in previous adventures.

“Looking back one hundred years was a natural impulse,” commented co-producer Larry Patchett.

COLORADO INSIDE OUT, circa 1906 offers a wonderful glimpse back to the birth of the City Beautiful campaign in Denver and the birth of the American Century. The women’s suffrage movement, the controversy surrounding the establishment of national parks and the election of Mayor Speer and are all covered in the special episode.

“Going back in time is a lot of fun and this time we had a great time using some special effects with the show,” added program producer, Dominic Dezzutti.

The project received great support from Professor Tom Noel at the University of Colorado at Denver and the Denver City Auditor’s office. Sandra Tessier and Seams Like Old Times provided costumes for the panel.

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About Dominic Dezzutti

As the CPT12 Director of Production, Dominic Dezzutti is the coordinating producer for the station's weekly community affairs programs. Dominic serves as producer for Colorado Inside Out , Colorado Decides - the debate series jointly produced with CBS4 and serves as Executive Producer of CPT12's weekly live call-in program, Studio 12.

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