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12 Talk: KBDI Bids a Fond Farewell to Host Peter Boyles

By now, many of you have heard that KBDI’s own Peter Boyles, host of Colorado Inside Out and Colorado Inside Out Live, will be leaving the programs after March 30th. Peter is taking on a major role on a new syndicated motorcycle radio program.

Peter has been the foundation of both of our flagship public affairs programs. His work on these programs helped build our public affairs tradition and really keep it on the forefront of people’s minds in this community. Although we’ll miss him terribly, we are extremely happy for him and his new opportunity. Motorcycles have been a great passion of his for many years and his involvement on this new program sounds like a great fit for him.

Peter will host his last Colorado Inside Out Live on Wednesday, March 28th, when he hosts a one on one conversation with former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb. His last episode of the Friday night roundtable, Colorado Inside Out, will be on Friday, March 30th.

KBDI will continue to produce both programs and will broadcast the programs in their regular timeslots.

For the Wednesday call-in program, Colorado Inside Out Live, a variety of guest hosts will lead the programs in April and May. Starting June, the program will go on a three month hiatus, during which time the series will be retooled. We’ll keep the live viewer call-in element, but we’ll be adding all new features to the series.

The Friday roundtable program, Colorado Inside Out, will continue in its current format, featuring guest hosts as KBDI seeks a permanent replacement.

We’ll be trying out some familiar and not so familiar faces as host of the program. We’re focused on finding the right talent that enhances the chemistry of the panel. So expect to see a variety of new hosts trying out over the next few weeks.

Peter has served as host of Colorado Inside Out Live since the program’s inception in 1998. He’s hosted Colorado Inside Out since 1992, taking over as host after the program’s first season.

We can never hope to replace Peter and what he brings to the shows that he truly built to their current success. But, what we can do is honor Peter’s work by taking the programs that he enjoyed working on so much to the next level.

Stay tuned in the early fall for our new look on Colorado Inside Out Live! And as always, please let us know what you think about the shows and stay part of the conversation.

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As the CPT12 Director of Production, Dominic Dezzutti is the coordinating producer for the station's weekly community affairs programs. Dominic serves as producer for Colorado Inside Out , Colorado Decides - the debate series jointly produced with CBS4 and serves as Executive Producer of CPT12's weekly live call-in program, Studio 12.

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