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12 Talk: BBC World News No Longer Available

As you may be aware, after providing the BBC World News to our loyal viewers for 10 years, KBDI no longer will be allowed to carry the program. Some viewers have asked, “Why?”

I want to be quite clear about this matter. It is not KBDI’s choice to no longer carry the BBC World News.

Put simply, during the contract renewal process with the BBC, the distributor of the program here in the U.S. has changed. As part of the new terms for carriage of BBC World News, the new distributor (KCET in Los Angeles) has declared that the program is to be available exclusively to only one station in most communities, with preference given to full-PBS member stations. Since KBDI is not a full-PBS member station, it is losing its rights to carry BBC World News.

However, I also am able to share good news….

While it was not KBDI’s choice to not carry the BBC World News, it is our choice to bring you Worldfocus, a new international news program in place of the BBC. You will be able to view Worldfocus, weeknights starting Monday, Oct. 6 at 6:30 and 11 p.m.

Worldfocus has been created by public television for public television. It will reflect an extensive newsgathering collaboration with contributions from Britain’s ITN, ABC Australia, Asia News International, Channels 2 and 10 of Israel, France 2, Globo of Brazil and South African Broadcasting, just to name a few.

With Worldfocus, Colorado citizens will have a unique opportunity to be much better informed about world issues and the relevance of those issues to all of us inColorado. With the combination of Worldfocus and our third digital channel – MHz Worldview (12.3), KBDI continues to be your primary source for international news in Colorado.

After you watch Worldfocus, please let us know what you think. We will forward your comments to the program’s producers.

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