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Dreamers, seekers, visionaries, explorers, iconoclasts and the young at heart, all welcome here!

Capturing the brand essence of Colorado Public Television

I’m new to Colorado Public Television. Not as a viewer but as an employee. It’s an organization with a long history that I’m now trying to articulate so that our viewers and donors can see what we do and know who we are more clearly.

We know families count on us for our safe harbor children’s programming that gets kids ready for school; citizens and seekers rely on us to help decipher and explore topics in politics, science, history, nature, the nation and world; enthusiasts and dreamers come to us for a journey into the worlds of travel, drama, music, art and dance; and iconoclasts depend on us to continue taking risks and welcoming alternative voices.

Perhaps the headline above is the easiest place to start, because it says so much about what motivates CPT12 every day. As the smaller of the two public television stations in Colorado, we have to try just a little harder to stand out. We welcome dreamers, seekers, visionaries, explorers, iconoclasts and youngsters of all ages to our air and online, in more communities throughout Colorado than ever before.

As 2011 begins and we look forward to the year to come, we welcome you to share your voice. Tell us what you like or don’t like. In the end our brand is not what we say it is as much as what YOU say it is. Join the conversation on this blog where we’ll be introducing some new voices. We hope to see you on Facebook and Twitter as well.

What’s your perception of the CPT12 brand? What do you want to see us do in 2011? Thanks.

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