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How do you watch television?

Several months ago my family made the decision to cancel cable television and rely on an over-the-air signal and the internet for our TV viewing. With our busy lives and two young children, we found ourselves relying mainly on our DVR to record programs and then playing catch up after the kids went to bed. Tuning into a program at the scheduled time seemed a thing of the past for us.

Today we rely heavily on the web to satisfy our TV appetite. On cpt12.org, you can tune in to just about anything that has aired and watch it in its entirety. When I can’t stay up past 9, no problem. I can catch my favorites when I find an hour here or there.

And while TV viewing is still the predominant way for people to catch their favorite shows, viewing on the internet is gaining speed. Networks like PBS want their content to be where people want it, when people want it. It won’t be long before its commonplace to watch your favorites on your smart phone.

Don’t get me wrong, we still tune in at the appointed time for PBS Kids on CPT12 if we have a few moments before we rush out the door for school in the mornings and I have to admit I’m addicted to “Independent Lens” films. I’ll make a point of tuning in for a handful of shows. But I love having the option to watch when it’s convenient for me.

How do you watch TV and have you considered going online to watch?

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