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Covering a whole fascinating range of human activity…what do you turn to CPT12 for?

Public Policy Polling just published the results of its second annual TV News Trust Poll and the news for PBS, at the top of the heap, is great. Fifty percent of respondents said they turn to PBS as a trusted news source, a 20 point gain over last year’s initial poll.

For eight years running, an independent GfK Roper Poll has found the same results, that Americans trust PBS more than any other government institution and further, believe it’s among the top uses of taxpayer money, ahead of the courts and second only to military spending.

Upon his signing of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, Lyndon Johnson laid out the vision and dream of what public television and radio stations would be:

“The Corporation will assist stations and producers who aim for the best in broadcasting good music, in broadcasting exciting plays, and in broadcasting reports on the whole fascinating range of human activity. It will try to prove that what educates can also be exciting.

It will get part of its support from our Government. But it will be carefully guarded from Government or from party control. It will be free, and it will be independent–and it will belong to all of our people.

Television is still a young invention. But we have learned already that it has immense–even revolutionary–power to change, to change our lives.”

I think it’s fair to say that 44 years later, public television and radio are living up to that vision that Johnson so beautifully articulated. I know it’s what drives us at Colorado Public Television every day.

Whether you turn to us for news and information, entertainment, children’s programming, whatever, we work to be trustworthy, efficient stewards of your federal tax money and any additional gifts you choose to make in support of our programming.

I believe every American should be proud that we have a robust public broadcasting network of local stations working to provide independent reporting on the “whole fascinating range of human activity.” I know I’m proud of the work we do here at CPT12 when I see polling results like yesterday’s.

What do you turn to Colorado Public Television for?

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