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Going…going…gone! Treasure hunter alert!

How will you spend your President’s Day weekend? Are you among the lucky ones who get Monday off to relax? If you’re like me, you’ll be spending the day catching up on laundry and housekeeping. It’ll go fast no matter your chores or leisure plans, just like the auction items we’ll be bringing to air on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Why auction? Well it’s one of the most fun fundraising activities we get to do here at channel 12. It’s really a win, win for Colorado businesses, shoppers and for CPT12. It’s when we all come together for two lively, action-packed guilt-free nights of treasure hunting and satisfaction.

And this year’s auction items are really worth tuning in for. S. African safaris, rare collectibles, a helicopter ride (perhaps it could whisk you off to next year’s President’s Day destination?). We have great experiences and goodies this year that are sure to delight.

As your plans come together for the weekend, plan on making time to do some shopping that benefits everyone…including you!

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