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Calling all citizens of the world…

…or at least those of you who love news and features from around the world.

Whether you’re an armchair traveler, hail from another country, or consider yourself a citizen of the world, we have a channel just for you.

Let me introduce MHz Worldview, found on Colorado Public Television 12.3 (Comcast channel 252).

We get a lot of feedback from viewers who appreciate the variety and depth of coverage they get on CPT12.3. Expanded coverage during the recent events in the Middle East and Japan make the point better than any words can. MHz Worldview is there, digging in deeper into current events and issues, exactly when you need it.

A few weeks ago there was a lot of controversy over the lack of availability of the Al Jazeera network on cable systems. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera English was on daily at 5 p.m. on CPT12.3 and even expanded their coverage of the Egyptian uprising during the critical days leading up to Mubarak’s departure.

Same thing with Japan. We have had extended coverage of the Japan earthquake/tsunami/radioactive power plant crises on Newsline NHK, a program produced by the national network of Japan. The program airs daily on CPT12.3 at 6:30. If you don’t have cable, it’s a connection to news and information as it unfolds.

And the best part? It’s public broadcasting quality, uninterrupted programming that respects your intelligence and delves deeply into topics.

Have you been watching CPT12.3 MHz Worldview? What do you like? Just like you, we’re eager to learn.

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