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12 Pounds Down

12 Pounds to Christmas

I went to my niece’s wedding two weeks ago, and, of course, there was lots of picture taking…. and I was in the pictures…. and I saw myself….

I am an Amazon.

Now, to be fair, my sisters and my Mom are, at the minimum, six inches shorter than I am.  So, I do tower over them.  However, those six inches do not excuse the, shall we say, “heftiness” that seems to have crept up on me the last five years.

And, it is not the extra weight that bothers me the most – I am saddened by the loss of my good health.  I‘ve never been an athlete, but have always done yard work, painted rooms, helped people move without the blink of an eye.  Now, I hesitate…. and I don’t like that feeling.

So, I have decided to set a weight loss goal of 12 pounds by Christmas.  I do need to lose more than 12 pounds overall, but I want to start with a reasonable goal that does not overwhelm me.  I want to be invigorated by the process, not scared into inaction by a seemingly insurmountable weigh loss goal.

This is my journey of weight-loss and, more importantly, health gain.

So, what is “the thing” that has helped you get motivated for a diet and exercise change?


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