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Smoke and Mirrors

In addition to committing to getting “12 pounds Down”, I am also quitting smoking.  I’m now one week in but have to admit, cold turkey is for the birds!

I proactively cleaned the ashtray in my car, wiped down the console and doors with a sanitizing wipe, and washed the interior windows.  Hopefully, taking away some of the odor in the car that triggers me to smoke.

I also have chewing gum and regular mints, as well as nicotine lozenges…and a few cigarettes here and there.

The result thus far?  I’d really like to punch something or someone.  But, that’s not really an option, now is it? I’m hoping some of you can give me some pointers. How have you quit smoking without causing weight gain or violence?!

So, to fight off my “nicotine attacks”, I’m walking up the stairs at work from the first floor to the third, and back down.  GO ME!!  I’m happy I’m physically able to do it, and I think the excursions are helping divert my attention from the “attacks.”  I know the first three days have physical withdrawal and then the rest is really mind over matter.   Still, if it was that simple, I wouldn’t be writing this blog in the first place!

As promised, I have a couple of photos from the wedding.  The following pictures are not for the faint of heart….. OK, they aren’t that bad, but they do show 1.) I do need to lose “some” weight to gain back better health, 2.) I am an Amazon (I know, I know, I need to be kind to myself), and 3.) I am an excellent (cardboard tube) sword fighter, who looks like a sausage stuffed in the pants I am wearing.

Do you have pictures that inspire you?  Are they pictures of you or someone whose body type you want to have?  Where do you put them  – the fridge?  Your desk?  the car?

Tomorrow, time to face reality and step on the scale….

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