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12 Pounds to 2012…week 3

The Weekend…
Ahhhhhhh, the weekend!  Good times for Monday thru Friday workers, but potential endless pits of temptation for dieters….  And I fell into the pit!

Saturday was fine….. I cleaned the house like a mad woman and worked on my current needlepoint project (more on that next week – pics included!)    Did pretty well on what I ate also…

Then, Sunday dawned.

I think I must have turned into a vacuum cleaner in my sleep as I sucked up everything that dared to stand in my path… Bagels…  Spaghetti… Cereal… Popsicles… I’m pretty sure there was a grilled ham and cheese panini in there, too, but it’s all a fog…and portion control?  Don’t make me laugh!

OK – not my most controlled day of healthy living.  But, every day is a new day and one bad day isn’t going to be my excuse to throw my hands up in defeat.  I’ll put a smile on my face and a measuring cup in my hand, and say “Hello, new day!”

How do you overcome bad “dieting” days?   Do you have a diet buddy that helps you get back on track?

Monday – Treats in the Break Room
A good test of snacking will power today…. I walked into the break room (to get a nice healthy glass of water) and there, waiting for me like the Big Bad Wolf waited for poor little Red Riding Hood, was not one, or two, or even three, but FOUR boxes of assorted goodies…  Muffins the size of my fist (no exaggeration), cornbread with berries, cookies, and little teeny tiny muffins.  My first thought?  YUM!  My second thought?  Wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not partaking of their offering… Third thought:  Noooooo.

And I didn’t.

And I ran like heck outta the break room – never to return again on that day :)

Tuesday – Count Me In
I got on the scale again this morning… no dread, this time though.  I actually saw it as a tool to a healthy lifestyle.  What??!! That’s a change!  However, the readout on the scale did not change… I’m still the size of a baby elephant.

After a week of self-review of my eating habits, I realized that I need to count calories.  Ugh – I abhor counting calories – it sounds so tedious.  However, my not tending to some method of tracking food intake has led me to where I am now.  So, counting calories it is.

I went to a couple of different websites to do a little calorie calculation and get my BMI.
To start, I used a calculator to see what my calories count per day should be in order to lose a pound a week.  Answer: 1596. A Body Mass Calculator (BMI), which is an approximate measurement of body fat, pegged me at 32.3, which categorizes me as “Obese”

This is all good news – remember you can’t change what you can’t measure.  I now know, from experts, what my calorie goal is.  And, being termed “Obese” is not shocking or discouraging.   I know I’m obese.  It’s just a word.  By using the calculator, I learned that once I lose 16 pounds, I will fall into the healthier “Overweight” category.  And by losing a total of 51 pounds, I will fall into the “Normal Weight” category.

How will I get there?  12 pounds at a time :)

Armed with this knowledge, I have put together a checklist for me of what I want to do every day.  My list is not about what not to do – rather, it’s a happy reminder of daily healthy lifestyle goals.  I’ll adjust this list as my journey continues – but, these are the things I want to focus on at this moment in time.

My Daily Health checklist:
6.30 AM – Walk with Husband and Dogs
Breakfast: Oatmeal 160 Cal (add fruit down the line for 40 calories)
Mid Morning – Climb stairs 3 x
Lunch – 500 cal (right now – prepackaged food for portion control and ease of calorie counting)
Mid Afternoon – Climb stairs 3 x
Dinner – Approx 900 calories – start planning meals
Daily Calorie Goal: 1596

Do you have a daily or weekly checklist?  What’s on it?

Wednesday – Ow. Ow. Ow.
I accomplished my daily Health Checklist yesterday – and those stairs (how do I say this politely?) are a CHALLENGE!  I actually walked them 3 times yesterday, and my thighs and calves feel it today!  But, I’m not in any pain – I am simply aware that I do, indeed, have muscles in my body (I thought they went to Arizona on an extended vacation.)

I was trying to quit smoking “Cold Turkey” and that did not work for me…I was just too jittery and on edge.  So, I am using a “step down” program of my own invention, as I am the one who has to make the change.  I am cutting down by 25% for two weeks, and then will cut down another 25%, etc, etc, until I’m down to none.  One thing I am doing is taking my morning and afternoon stair climb when I get a nicotine craving.   By the time I get done with that excursion, I am definitely not in the mood for a ciggie.  It’s a diversionary tactic, a healthy moment, and a mental “conversion” all in one!  I’ll keep you updated on how this tactic works for me.

Any ex-smokers with advice on how they broke the habit…????

Well, coming up in the weekend.  I shall try to avoid “The Pit of Despair” and make good eating choices this weekend….. As there are no stairs in my home, I will need to find to a different way to get my stair climbing in, but I know I can think of something :)

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