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12 Pounds Down – Week 4 – Pavlov’s dog wasn’t trained THIS well!

So, remember how I was not sure how to replace the stairway climbing that I do during the week with something comparable at home on the weekends…???  Come on, I know you do…I know my exercise is always paramount in your minds…

Well, I got to thinking (and those who know me well know me thinking always leads to trouble…)

At home, we have a Health Rider Exercise machine and a big blue Exercise Ball, who have been very lonely due to months of neglect…..

On Friday night, I rearranged the second bedroom, and as able to very nicely fit both pieces of equipment in there – so now we have an exercise room!  My Husband is delighted!  He uses the bouncy ball quite a bit for his back, and the ball has been residing on the back porch – where it gets used less (out of sight, out of mind) and it gets dusty… now, the ball is where it will be seen every day, and hopefully, get less dusty!  Also, with Fall here, it’s getting a little chilly to go out and bounce, and it also gets too cold in the garage to use it in there…. And, mean wifey, won’t let the ball live in the Living Room, where it gets under foot and is constantly in the way (I am SO mean!)  I am thrilled that I came up with a workable solution for us both!!!  And, we have lost no functionality of the second Bedroom – we still have all the same storage and overnight guest accommodations.

Here’s the kicker:

At home, every time I go to the “ladies,” I stop by and do 30 reps on the Health Rider… I can feel a difference already!     I’m not committed to doing “60 minutes of aerobic exercise at such-and-such a time and if I miss one day all hope is lost and I’ll never diet again until the next time!!”  Nope, I just follow Nature’s Call with the Call of the Health Rider… (The sounds a bit like “Knight Rider” from the 1980’s TV show…. I hope the exerciser doesn’t start talking to me!)

I am also being very successful in my “cut back to quit” smoking technique….  I am maintaining a 25% cut-back, with me doing no harm to fellow living beings.    Also, I might be getting a cold, which would help me cut back even more….. here virus, here virus,  come to Sally!

Have I weighed myself this week?  NO.  I am feeling too good mentality and physically to let the number on the scale “get into my head.”  I can feel my body responding to all the small changes I’ve made, and I am not going to break my stride with the baggage that comes from a number.

What small changes have you made in your daily routine that have yielded big results?

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