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12 Pounds Down – Week 5 — Has An Alien Taken Over my Body?

Here’s what happened….
when I was at the grocery store on Saturday, I “shopped the perimeter” and while in the veggie section bought a butternut squash and an acorn squash.
So, yesterday while at work, I said to meself: “Just buying them tain’t enough… you actually have to cook them and eat them…”  So I looked up a recipe and decided to make it (roasted chicken on a bed of red potatoes and butternut squash – super easy and delicious!  I bought a preroasted chicken from the deli…..)


Also, I wanted to use our dehydrator to make some banana chips, which, 1.) I love, 2.) can be expensive to buy, 3.)  will make a nice healthy addition to cereals, salads, or just to snack on, and 4.)  I have never made before.  So, I bought 6 pounds of bananas when I went to the store last night……
OK – so I get home (this is when the Alien fully took over my body….)
1. Walked in and started a pot of coffee for iced coffee in the morning.
2.  Got out the dehydrator, cut the bananas in ½ slices, set the temp on the machine to 135, and let it run overnight.  Voila!  Banana chips!
3.  I then turned my attention to the butternut squash… I peeled and cubed it, and prepped the other ingredients for the Chicken recipe.  Everything assembled very quickly and VOILA!  Dinner is in the oven.
4.  Then I think…. I like to debone a chicken as soon as it gets out of the oven, because it comes off the bones cleaner and we eat the entire chicken when we can just grab a piece.  So, I think:  I could make chicken broth from the bones and freeze it.  So, I pull out the Crockpot, and carrots, onions, (didn’t have any celery!!??), black peppercorns, couple of gloves of smashed garlic, and some celery salt and filled it to the top with water…..  when dinner came out of the oven, I deboned the chicken, threw the bones in the pot and let it cook for 8 hours on low overnight.  The next morning, I drained it and put it in the fridge to  skim off the fat. Later, I froze it in two cup increments in freezer baggies.
5.  THEN – oh, I wasn’t done!! – THEN, I looked at the remaining butternut squash, as there was probably a good 2 ½ cups left.   So, I decided to make butternut soup… I looked up a recipe in a Weight Watcher’s cookbook, and whipped it up!  (I have never made butternut squash soup in my life.)  It was absolutely DEEEElicicous!  The only change I would make is to use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock.  I also froze a portion to see how it defrosts – thinking ahead of quick work lunches over the winter.

Alien Invasion?
You be the judge.

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