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Tamara Banks: Reporting from Rwanda – First Entry

In April of 1994 the assassination of Rwanda’s president triggered the Rwandan Genocide. About 800,000 Tutsi’s and moderate Hutu’s were methodically slaughtered. For 100 days men, women and children were killed while the world stood by. It was the Holocaust all over again.

Today, the Clinton Foundation and other organizations and countries call Rwanda a role model for how a country can rebuild and move forward with a bright future after such horrific past.

I am traveling to Rwanda to meet with and interview genocide survivors, rape victims and their children, as well as the new leadership including President Paul Kagame. I am traveling on an IRP Gatekeeper Editors trip organized by the International Reporting Project (IRP).

Throughout the month of November I will share stories of the courageous people who are now political leaders, developers, coffee farmers, entrepreneurs, Hutu’s and Tutsis working and living side by side.

Then, look for a special report on STUDIO 12 about Rwanda and Coloradans who are doing incredible work there helping Rwandans rebuild their community.  My reporting in Rwanda will be a continuation of work centered around genocide, crimes against humanity and social injustice.

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