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Lost 4 Pounds!!!

Yippee skippee, me!!!  I got on the scale the other morning and was delighted to see four pounds less on the scale!  Now, I’ve been on “diets” before where I have lost four pounds in one week – but, as I am writing this blog, we can see where that “diet” got me!

The whole key for me has been small, sustainable modifications in my daily routine…. I think the biggest small change has been my bowl of oatmeal in the morning at work….. sometimes I feel “guilty”, like the 5 minutes it takes to pour hot water in a bowl, mix it up, and eat it is taking something vital away from the station.  Oh, contraire, Pierre!   Taking those five minutes actually makes me more productive, as my body is fueled with the happiness the world so simply calls “oatmeal.”  My tummy is happy, my brain is happy, my fingers fly over the keyboard like Rubinstein playing Chopin!  Goooooo, oatmeal!

Smoking?  I am proud to report I have cut down 40%!  Yes, I did catch a cold, and yes, that did help me cut down…..  However, the cold is lingering and I am getting annoyed at not being up to par.   Is it: starve a fever, get annoyed at a cold…??? I can never remember.  Anyhoo, I am making slow and steady progress on that front, as well.  I do feel better for cutting down, and I know I will succeed in my goal of quitting entirely.  I will not, however, set an end date…. To me, that is an arbitrary pressure that I can certainly do without.   Life these days is hard enough without adding more pressure!  Enjoy the journey, I say!
I have been getting antsy, though, from these new changes….. my hands are lonely because they are not stuffing my face with as much food and holding ciggies.  What to do?  NEEDLEPOINT!  Yes, I am a card carrying member of the American Needlepoint Guild and of a local needlepoint group…. I consciously pick up my needlepoint to keep my hands busy… (the key word being “consciously”)  Want a snack?  How about stitching two lengths of thread?  Want a Ciggie…??  Not ‘til you finish those next three rows!!  It works wonderfully, and I get such great satisfaction out of creating beautiful handcrafted art for my home.

If you are looking for crafting inspiration, 12.1 airs a variety of crafting shows from 11:00am to Noon, Monday thru Friday.  I enjoy watching them, as they ignite my creative fire!

What is your hobby?  What about it completes your creative side and does it help you keep snacking or smoking at bay?

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