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Make a Fist??

We all know it  – “Holiday Row”…. The joyous season that is October thru New Years. Get-togethers abound and it seems that every where you look there is some article or story or blog about “how to avoid holiday calories” or “how not to gain 5 pounds during the holidays” or “tips on filling up before the party.”
I say “P-shaw!”  No, DOUBLE P-shaw!!!
This rant is spurred on by a little article I saw that was entitled something like “Muscle your way to willpower” and it advised that when you are faced with donuts at the coffee machine, you should make a fist, and walk away.

Really?  Make a fist at a doughnut?  If it sasses you, are you going to take it outside to the alley and beat it up?  Making a fist seems to be an overly violent reaction to an innocent sugary treat.
This is why Americans are fat.  We have an unbalanced relationship with food.  If you truly want to eat a doughnut, eat the darn doughnut. Just realize how many calories it has and how that fits into your daily calorie count.  If the doughnut is not an option for you – either because it has too many calories or because one sugary treat tends to trigger a sugar craving for you or because you are trying to cut down on fats or because you have a healthy breakfast at your desk– then don’t eat the doughnut.    I increasingly do not like the notion of “willpower” – it has the feeling of good versus evil, strength versus weakness, a winner versus a loser.  I am not a loser if I decide to have a doughnut – and neither are you!

I say – don’t dread “Holiday Row” as a food barrage that you have to navigate with the killer instincts of a Navy Seal.  NO!  Say to yourself: “Self, you can eat whatever you want on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and at Herb’s Festivus Party.  However, Holiday Row is not a hall pass to gluttony.  You get those three occasions to eat what you want.  Enjoy yourself, calories be darned!  In exchange, just keep to your healthy diet and your consistent exercise the rest of the time…. “

I am getting off my soapbox now…..

How do you handle “Holiday Row”?

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