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YES!!! Icky Take Out Food!!

I am on a “dieter’s high” today….. why?  ‘cause I stopped at one of my favorite Mexican take-out places and ordered my standard:  A Barbacoa Burrito and Chips & Guacamole…..  (I figured I had been very good and I deserved a “treat”)

And you know what?


They hadn’t changed their recipes …. They weren’t “under new management”….. They served me what they always had.  The change was in ME.

First off, I was astounded how HUGE the Burrito was….did I really used to eat this much at one sitting?   Then, when I started eating it, I realized how “generic” it was….. there was nothing special about it – just meat, salsa, and too much filler…… The only good thing was that I didn’t have to make it!

Then, I opened my favorite…. The Chips & Guac.  “Ohhhhh,” I mused to the contents of the brown paper bag, “how I have missed you, my crunchy, salty triangular friends…. How I have missed your avocado-ey goodness, my luscious Guacamole, with your cilantro tang and your hint of red onion…..”  Took a couple of bites – and realized what a let down it was….. It was just chips.  It was just Guacamole.

My big dieting “reward” of my favorite Mexican Food was not a reward after all…. It was just $8.53 of fattening, high-calorie food.  I am thrilled!!!!!  After only two months of concentrating on being a healthier me, I am indifferent to one of my guilty pleasures – WAHOO!!!!

Now, I do love burritos – and we make them a lot at my house.  But, I am proud to say, they do not look like a typical Burrito:

Our homemade burritos feature very spicy lean hamburger meat, homemade refried black beans (just smash up whole blacks beans and add a little lime), a medium amount of cheese, and spicy salsa.  Here’s the key:  we use a double sided grill to cook the burrito.  This makes the outside nice and crispy, and negates the urge for crunchiness from chips.

THEN, we cover the burrito with a salad – fresh greens, carrots, celery, red onion, mushrooms – use whatever you have on hand (keeping chopped, ready to use veggies in the fridge is a pain in the patookus to prep, but has increased our household’s salad and overall veggie consumption by at least threefold!  No kidding!!) Add a little of your favorite salad dressing.  The salad doesn’t seem like “a salad”, because there is so much warm and lovely spiciness from the burrito!  The crunch from the grilled tortilla and the salad veggies make you wonder why you ever ate chips in the first place!  And talk about filling you up!!!!  Pile on that veggie packed salad, and enjoy a healthier style of Burrito!

What favorite recipes or take-out foods have you altered to make part of a healthier you?

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