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Sesame Street: Still brought to you by the Letters “U” and I”

Let’s talk money!!!! I usually don’t make fund-raising pitches on my blog, but this is a special occasion – the second annual “Colorado Gives Day” this coming Tuesday, December 6th.  (I’m feeling the love – are you feeling the love?)

Here’s what’s exciting about it:
- Last year, on the very first “Colorado Gives Day”, Coloradans gave $8.7 million to their favorite non-profits! (Go, Colorado!);
-  FirstBank is renewing its role as corporate partner of Colorado Gives Day, committing $500,000 to the 2011 campaign to match donations all day on December 6th;
-  AND – Community First Foundation is covering the credit card fees on December 6th, which means all (or most, if the day is outrageously successful) of your donation goes to the charity of your choice (which, I hope is, CPT12!)  Very, very generous of them!

So – why give to CPT12?  I can’t answer that question for you.  All I can do is tell you what the station and its mission has meant to me in the 11 years I have worked here….

* CPT12 inspires growth in me…. I have grown professionally in my job and creatively from the programming  (my husband may kick me out of the house if I make him watch one more episode of Central Texas Gardener!)

* CPT12 challenges my ideas… from Colorado Decides to America: Freedom to Fascism, CPT12 is a first amendment TV station, that is not afraid to take a risk in airing sometimes controversial programming, offering a non-mainstream view.

* CPT12 cares about its viewers and members…. From everyday viewer calls and e-mails to membership questions to DTV advice, the station’s staff takes the time to treat each inquiry with respect.  Really – the staff here is dedicated and excellent (myself included!! *wink*) It’s not a “job” for the staff here, it’s a mission of bringing interesting, intelligent programming to Coloradans (in an ever expanding sea of media madness, in my opinion.)

* CPT12 programming offers something for everyone – from Sesame Street, to Studio 12, to International Mysteries, to Australian Rules Football…. It’s rare to find a station that truly has a program for viewers of all ages and interests!

So, I encourage you to give to the non-profit of your choice on Tuesday but I hope you are inclined to give something to Colorado Public Television.  Each staff member has a fundraising page – my goal is $120.00.  You can give to my campaign at:    https://www.givingfirst.org/Swicks_forCPT12

Make a difference.  Make a donation.  Most of all – Follow your heart.

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