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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – and whatever that other “R’ was they added…

I may not be quite up to crunching abs, but I do crunch 98% of my aluminum cans for recycling…and, the other day, that added up to $16.13 of “Sally Money.”

I blogged a couple weeks ago about keeping my hands busy – to both reduce snacking and Ciggie smoking.  So, I knew exactly what to do with my new found riches – buy crafting supplies!
I have really been into quilting lately… I work on my needlepoint projects about 3 hours per week, but needlepoint does tend to go slowly and I needed some immediate gratification.  (Weight loss is slow, needle pointing can be slow – I needed a “TA-DAH!” in my life!!!!)   I have an embarrassing amount of scrap material on hand (from long-ago abandoned projects), so I was set there.  I just needed some motivation.

I turned to Channel 12, and “Quilt in a Day.”   Colorado Public Television airs a variety of crafting programs from 11:00 AM to Noon, Monday thru Friday.  While internet videos can be fine for a 3 minute snippet of how to, say, sew in an invisible zipper, it really lacks in providing a comprehensive look at a craft.

For 26 minutes and 46 seconds every week, “Quilt in a Day” host Eleanor Burns inspires and informs me about the intricacies of quilting.  I love it!!!!  (I have also starting recording “Knitting Daily” on Mondays…. an evil coworker has “hooked” me on the idea of knitting… and, another co-worker has also just taken up knitting…. I am caving to peer pressure!!!)

OH – before I go on – I want to say a sincere “Thank You” to Marge Serck, at Creative Needle.  Creative Needle has been Underwriting Sewing Programs on Colorado Public Television since 1991 – yes, for TWENTY years!!!  I wonder how many lives her support of CPT12 has touched over the years, like it has touched mine.  She not only promotes education on CPT12, but also at her store!  The Creative Needle currently offers over 30 classes for crafters!  Check out their website for more info….

So, back to my $16.13…. inspired by Eleanor Burns and CPT12 , I purchased a Rotary Cutter kit for my quilting!

And, I quickly trimmed up some squares, laid them out, and am now working on creating some “Flying Geese” quilt blocks!

Sew (sorry!) you wonder, how does this fit into the Blog Topic?

Thru crushing a “few” aluminum cans to help the environment, I Reduced the amount I smoked, I Reused scrap materials I originally intended for another purpose,  and utilized my Recycling money to purchase something that aids me in my healthier lifestyle!
By the way – I’ve officially cut down my smoking by 50% since starting this little blog!  WOOT WOOT!

What (non-food!!) ways do you reward yourself for a job well done?

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