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A New Health Paradigm for 2012?

It’s the beginning of the year, when predictions are made and trends are examined. In the health arena, numerous prognosticators have thrown out everything from a surge in natural energy drinks to an increased emphasis on getting enough sleep to this year being the one we get serious about weight loss.

Other Nostradami have noted how they think alternative and complementary medicine will become even more popular as people continue to realize the dangers of pharmaceuticals and unneeded surgeries.

Well, here’s one more to throw into the mix: the rise of the holistic wellness team. Picture MDs working side-by-side with alternative care practitioners. Eastern and western medicine being practiced in the same building. And the ability to explain what’s wrong with you to an entire team, at the same time, and have them put their heads together to diagnose and determine a holistic path to recovery.  Think the TV show House, but for the everyday person who’s in chronic pain.

Across the board these days — politics, environment, healthcare — people are waking up and demanding better of those in control. And those in control are either holding onto the old ways tighter than ever, pretending not to notice, or they’re starting to respond and create new paradigms.

One of those places that is responding is Compassionate Care Centers, in Louisville, CO. The fledgling clinic is not your average medical establishment, where you see a doctor, have them tell you nothing’s wrong, get a drug prescribed, and get sent on your merry way. Rather, at CCC, you meet with all of the practitioners — MDs, chiropractors, psychologists, movement therapists, etc. — and describe your chronic pain. They confer with each other, utilizing one another’s expertise, and work together to determine a diagnosis and the best way back to health.

Not your typical healthcare, but 2011 wasn’t your typical year. If it was any indicator, we’ll see a whole new health paradigm in 2012.

You heard it here first.

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