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Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room

Smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking.  It’s been a part of my life longer than I care to admit.  As part of my “Health Journey,” I have cut down my pack-a-day habit by 50% thru sheer meanness.

Until Now.

Now – I’m smokin’ hot!

I am down to 5 cigs per day, max – and it’s all due to a smoking substitution called “vaping.”  Vaping is short for Vapor Electronic Cigarettes.  The theory behind electronic cigs is that they provide nicotine, along with an exhaled water vapor, but no carbon monoxide, tar, and the 500+ carcinogens found in tradition tobacco cigs. Oh – and just so you can hang with the “cool kids” – in the “vaping world,” traditional tobacco cigs are called “analog cigarettes.”

Why did I make the conversion?  Well, my brother and his wife switched 6 months ago – and have never looked back.  A colleague in the Five Points Media Building specifically sought me out so I could try his – he’s been “analog” free for four months.  Sometimes an answer is right in front of your face – all you have to do is acknowledge it.  So, for Christmas, my husband and I took the plunge, spent the money, and committed to changing our smoking style.

We have no master plan.  We did not set ourselves up for any kind of disappointment by setting goals in an unknown situation.  My goal: sub one “analog” cig at a time for vaping.  If I “analog”, I “analog” – no big deal.  Try to make the smoke a vape.  My husband’s goal: when working on the computer, vape instead of smoke.

I must tell you – I love it.  I am not experiencing nicotine withdrawals.  I like the brand I am using – the water vapor exhale is very smoke-like.  I do miss tapping my “analog” cig on the ashtray.  I do miss the smoke curling up from an “analog” cig.  I do not miss the odor, or the ashes, or the stinky hands.

Our Lesson for today?  Even 20 year old habits are changeable.

What’s on your docket to change in 2012?

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