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Put Your Energy into Diagnosis and Treatment — Literally

Do you believe your body has an energy field? That people “give off” both positive and negative energy? Most people know that person at a party who everyone congregates around or the negative Nancy at the office everyone avoids like the plague.

This attraction or repulsion response seems to indicate that people can subtly pick up on someone else’s “vibe.” For some health practitioners this has far-reaching implications, and they’re using modern technology to mimic what humans can inherently do. The only difference: they are using energy fields to detect specific imbalances in the body, creating the potential for a highly accurate, non-invasive diagnostic tool.

Various complementary health centers are now offering this service, often referring to it as electro-dermal screening or bio-energetic medicine. At Alternative Chiropractic Center in Denver, for example, they use a bio-energetic technology called Avatar. This machine attempts to identify precise disturbances in the body that may be contributing to disease and health issues. To do so, the health practitioner uses a wand and places it at multiple acupuncture points on the body. Energy readings are measured for everything from organ systems to cervical nerves, with anything outside of the normal range being recorded.

The amount of detail in the results can be quite astonishing, pinpointing a bacterial infection of the small intestine, for example, or a specific food allergy. This type of diagnostic tool is very useful for people who have been suffering from chronic conditions for years, practitioners say, or who have seen multiple doctors who tell them nothing is wrong and sends them on their way.

In addition to making diagnoses, the technology allows practitioners to choose supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies that will be beneficial to the patient. Some might call the means by which this is done a little hokey, but according to practitioners of bio-energetic medicine, the body can sense what remedies are good for it, and the Avatar machine measures the fluctuation of energy when a treatment option is applied to it. If the energy moves into the normal range from a high or low reading, then you know it should be helpful to you.

For those steeped in western medicine, this all might seem a little hard to swallow. But it’s all based on the “energy body” concept of Chinese medicine, and the belief that the human body employs both a chemical and electrical operating system. The idea is that imbalances and stress in this system show up at special points on the meridians that can be measured and corrected.

If accurate, this will allow people who are suffering from complex issues to put their energy toward something that might actually tell them what’s wrong with them and how to fix it.

Fun Fact

The invention of electro-dermal screening machines is generally attributed to Reinhold Voll, a German doctor who practiced in the 1950s.

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