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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I (really don’t) love ya, Tomorrow…

We all know the song from Annie:
“… Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow… you’re only a DAY AAAAAAA- WAYYYYYYY!!!”

Now – if you know me at all – you know I love a good show tune… I can belt out an off-key tune appropriate to almost any situation (and if it doesn’t quite fit, I’ll make it!!)  Normally, I love the sentiment behind the song “Tomorrow”…. pick yourself up; today’s problems don’t have to be tomorrow’s; stick out your chin and grin…. That’s all good stuff…BUT, tomorrow IS always a day away – and, that’s what leads me to this week’s ramblings…

There is no “tomorrow” in dieting, or quitting smoking, or in exercise, or in feeding your dog(s).  The only moments we can “control” are the ones right in front of us.  We can plan for tomorrow’s diet by what we buy at the grocery store today, but we cannot execute tomorrow’s diet plan today.  We cannot “not smoke” tomorrow’s cigarettes today.  We cannot do tomorrow’s exercise today.  You can feed your dogs tomorrow’s food portions today – and he’ll get fat and gassy – but he’ll still be looking at you with big brown eyes tomorrow.

So – let go of tomorrow.  Say a big fat “hello” to TODAY.    Don’t hang your head, sit on your patoouks, and grumble, “Today is the day I start my exercise program…”  Grumble it WHILE you exercise!!!    May I also suggest that you stomp around the kitchen, complain loudly about how much you hate packing your lunch WHILE you are packing your lunch?  While fighting off a nicotine attack, or a coffee drink attack, or fighting off the mid-afternoon candy bar attack with an apple and some peanut butter – give yourself permission to say – “Hey, TODAY, I didn’t want to do “x” TODAY… But, I LOVE ME, and I want to be healthier, and getting there is making me MAD, and so, THANK YOU, TODAY, for being here for me so I can make a change right now, you stupid day, you!”

Silly?  Yes, but only if you do it right!

Take it from someone who has changed her morning routine from getting up 5 minutes late, rushing around “like a mad woman” (direct quote from her wonderful hubby), and being just a smidgeon late to work some days to a woman whose alarm clock goes off at 6:30, gets up and grumbles her way thru her morning exercise (and comes out smiling at the end), and actually having time to put on make-up before getting to work early.

Today…. it’s pretty awesome (and sunny!)

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