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12 Procrastinations!

Yes, you got my… I almost forgot to write my “12 things to knock off my Procrastination List!!”

I didn’t want this list to be diet, or exercise, or some highfalutin goal list that only Super Humans could achieve.  Instead, I wanted to check off some home repairs and some craft projects that have been on my docket for quite some time. They are things that I have just put off or haven’t saved the money to tackle.  I’ll bet some Super Humans could do all these 12 things in a month… however, as they have been lingering about, I feel no rush (hey, is that Procrastination rationalizing my laziness?)  To accomplish these non-essentials over the course of a year will be just fine with me!  And, if I do get all 12 done early (odds makers, anyone?), maybe I’ll add some more!

Here we go:

1. Change Lights bulbs in kitchen (¢)
I have been putting this off, as the light fixtures are very cumbersome and I need my Hubby to help me.  We just need to designate a time to dedicate to this.  Easy cheesy, just need to do it.
2. Put new screen in Front Screen Door (Free)
I have all the stuff, and have tried to replace the screen and messed it up.  Need to take a couple of hours, not rush the project, and it will get done!  (and, I’ll get the extra screen outta my garage!)
3. Get bookcase for cookbooks ($)
All my cookbooks are in a shelf above my stove.  Now, I NEED cookbooks, as I am not an intuitive cook.  I know were I want to put the bookcase – I need to take the time to investigate the least expensive (and prettiest) way to accomplish this goal.)
4. Convert VHS home movies to DVDs ($)
This one has been plaguing me for some time… I have some family VHS videos that I told my Mom I would get converted to DVD’s for her… now, I’m feeling guilty that I don’t have it done.  Need to push thru the guilt, find the most cost effective way to do the conversion, and get them to her. (Bad Sally!) Any suggestions on how to do this people?
5. New back door with window panes to add light, preferably used ($$)
This one has been on my mind for 10 years.  I need to get a back door that has windows in it to add light to our “back room” but I don’t want a paneled door, I want a flat door.  Again, some investigation (and maybe a trip or two to a restoration store (?) can get me on track. Again, open to suggestions here.
6. Mend pretty quilt (Free)
I bought a gorgeous quilt about 10 years ago… long story short:  one of our dogs was sprayed by a Skunk (in our back yard!), ran into our bedroom, and wiped her face off on my $400 quilt.  I need to cut out the stained part and get my quilt back in action (Yessss, the odor is gone!)  Again, this is just taking the time to DO IT!!!!
7. Quilt quilt top (Top finished – need to buy batting and backing)
I have a quilt top that is done, but is just sitting in my crafting room, alone and unused… poor quilt – not living up to its destiny.
8. Finish “Lake Side Poppies” Needlepoint (Free)
It happens to all crafters – get enthused about a new project and then distracted by a newer project.  I really like this piece and simply need to dedicate some hours to completing it.
9. Get new blinds for bedroom ($)
We bought our house 10 years ago.  I hated the mini-blinds that were in there.  They are still there. I still hate them.
10. PAINT bedroom ($)
We bought our house 10 years ago. The bedroom was primer white then. It still is.
11. Plant tomatoes (¢)
Easy.  Nothing beats homegrown tomatoes.
12. Get glass panes in two kitchen cabinets ($$)
We re-did our kitchen over 5 years ago – updating the floors, counter tops, and appliances.  We kept our cabinets, as they were built in 1952 and are as solid as it gets.  I wanted to add glass panes to two of the cabinet doors, but we allocated more money to the appliances.  So, no fancy doors for me.  Well, I think the time has come to start saving for that little project, do a little research – and maybe do the glass cutting myself (with a little help from a friend – and you know who you are, K.J.!!!)

Well, that’s my 12 Procrastinations for 2012… What are 12 things you would like to wrap up this year?  Oh, and ideas for numbers 4 and 5 above are welcome here!

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