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Ow. Ow. Ow.

Did ya ever have one of “those” weeks?  One where everything is just humming along and then BLAM!  Right in the kisser?

That has been my week in the diet and exercise realm.  Diet – see food, eat it.  Exercise – does sleeping count?

Why?  I’m glad you asked!  I pulled a rib muscle from coughing from giving up tobacco cigarettes.  Sounds weird – I know – but it’s true.  When a person smokes, the cilia in the lungs become damaged or paralyzed.  When a person stops smoking, the cilia start to repair themselves within 3 days.  (Incredible, this thing called the human body.)   As the cilia become more active and the body wants to get rid of the toxins in the lungs, a person quitting smoking coughs – Often and Hard.  That’s what happened to me… I was coughing so often, I am convinced people were avoiding being around me, and so hard, I pulled a rib muscle.   The bad news – quite, quite painful!!!! The GREAT news – my body is beginning to heal from the toxic environment I put it thru.

So, my diet and exercise took a hit this week.  Big whoop, in the overall scheme of things.  Nothing worth doing is easy.    I feel I am making the important mental transition from “being a person quitting smoking” to being (almost) a “non-smoker.”    I still have 1 ciggie a day so I’m not there yet, but I can see the final result on the near horizon.

Before I forget… I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to my colleagues at Colorado Public Television for their support of my “stop smoking” efforts.  They have not only been my moral support, but also are fine with me “vaping” at my desk.  For me to be able to address my nicotine craving as it happens, the moment it happens, has been one of the keys of my success.

Since I couldn’t exercise due to my pulled rib muscle, I decided to do a little light clean-up in my craft room… none of the things I did were on my “Dirty Dozen” list from last week, but the mess did fall under the realm of  procrastination….

Crafting Table Before:  Among the (how to say politely…???) “items”, you can see my “poppies” needlepoint, which is on my “Dirty Dozen” list for this year… isn’t it pretty?  Won’t it be even prettier when it is DONE?

Crafting Table After: Ahhhhhhh…..

I’ll continue to post pics of my clean-up project, as merrily I roll along…. You know, it’s rather hard to complete projects when I can’t find them…..

Here’s to good health for us all!!!!

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