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$1.97, plus tax

Do you ever feel like you keep getting in your own way?   You know, you keep walking past the same pile of mail on the kitchen counter, the same piece of exercise equipment, the same healthy cookbook that you are going to menu plan with “next week”?

Given my “Dirty Dozen” list of 12 procrastination items I will take care of in 2012 (and, no, none of them are done yet!  Nosey!), I have been inspired to take care of a few things not on my list…

Exhibit 1:  The unhung picture in my office.

I bought this beautiful and unusual picture at a CPT12 auction.  The problem is that it is heavy and normal picture hangers would not accommodate its great weight (hmmm….. that sounds familiar!)

So, 5 MONTHS later (MONTHS), I get myself to a local store and buy these:

Molly bolts – $1.97, plus tax, for four.  7 taps of a hammer and….

My beautiful picture is now gracefully hung in my office… all it took was just doing it.

Exhibit 2:  The missing shelf in my pantry

This is my kitchen pantry.  My pantry is very handy, a bit messy in this picture, and missing a shelf.

Now, for some reason, the previous owners of the house removed that shelf, but the bracing for the shelf was still there… all I needed was the shelf itself.  My hubby and I were at another local store (at CHIRSTMAS TIME) and bought two pre-made shelves for around $5 a piece.  We got them home and they are around a half an inch too long.   So, on Monday, my hubby took his newly purchased (some kind of) saw and whacked off the necessary length.  AND…..

New white shelves:

New White shelves being utilized -  making a clean, organized pantry:

I now have my pantry shelf… 9 years, 9 months, and 18 days after I wanted this done…

The moral? Stop making excuses and get to gettin’.  Yes, some tasks need to be saved up, hire contractors, or simply consciously set aside for the moment. But others… others just need a bit of concentrated effort (and $1.97, plus tax…. and a husband with some-kind-of saw.)

Speaking of concentrated effort, there is a new pledge show airing in March that I personally am not going to miss: The Distracted Mind with Dr. Adam Gazzaley

Here’s the low-down:
Renowned neuroscientist Dr. Adam Gazzaley explores the impact that so-called multitasking has on safety, education, careers and personal lives. Most important, the program tells audiences how to improve concentration and focus as they age and as media continue to dominate the landscape. From changing behaviors to literally changing brains, Dr. Gazzaley gives audiences the information they need to survive and thrive in the information age.

The Distracted Mind with Dr. Adam Gazzaley airs Monday, March 5th, at 4:00 AM, and Wednesday, March 7th, at 7:30 AM.  (If you need to record it, it’s 90 minutes in length.)

Hmmmm, given it takes me 5 months to hang a picture and 9 years, 9 months, and 18 days to get a shelf in my pantry, Dr. Gazzaley has my attention!

What project can you easily do this week that you’ve been putting off?

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