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What’s that Tap, Tap, Tapping? The Sound of You Getting Better

Fingers quickly drum against your forehead, followed by your right temple, then under your right eye, and finally against your breastbone, right above your heart. When that is finished, left hand grabs right wrist, helping affirm new patterns and getting rid of old ones that are being broken.

It’s called FasterEFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation), or simply tapping, and it’s meant to rapidly enhance the minds ability to transform itself.

“The idea is that what you think, the body follows,” says Marina Bajszár, a local Mind and Body Transformation Coach who practices FasterEFT.  “When we’re tapping on these points that have to do with the meridian systems, we are focusing on your body’s reaction to stress. We’re disrupting the communication between the mind and body.”

In this way, negative thought patterns that have been holding you back, causing depression, anxiety or any myriad number of things, are broken.

“It’s going back to those memories original imprint,” Bajszár says, “what happened to you that would cause you to be like you are.”

Most people don’t stop to think about why they do certain things, in some instances going so far as to subconsciously sabotage their relationships, health, and happiness.

“Your body takes resources and references from an imprint of a moment,” Bajszár explains. “It’s programmed, something that pops up unconsciously.”

Like when you smell freshly baked bread, for example, and get transported back to your youth in grandma’s kitchen.

“We call these trances,” Bajszár says, and they often have negative connotations. “(They) make you do irrational things, stand in the way of what you want to accomplish, ‘I’m too afraid of this or that.’”

But when you examine these memories and tap on them, it disrupts the feedback loop between mind and body, and oftentimes there is an outpouring of emotion and a weight is lifted, the mind clears, and the body heals.

Bajszár has seen it numerous times in her practice. She had one woman who knew she needed help but was afraid to confront her emotions. Bajszár had her create a mental image in her mind of what she was feeling, and it turned out to be this huge dam. She had her focus on the dam while tapping, and over the course of subsequent rounds of FasterEFT the woman broke through the metaphorical dam and felt a rush of positive emotion.

“Usually a person who comes to me has tried everything and they’re not going to the root cause,” Bajszár says. “We address the symptoms, but they usually take us back to a set of memories, where it all started. Allergies, headaches, you name it; everybody holds information uniquely.”

She had another woman who was a performer who would get really nervous about auditions. She had a lot of criticism in her past, no support from her family. “We cleared that, transformed it,” Bajszár says. It took several sessions, but one day the woman called and said she couldn’t make the next session because she had a successful audition and joined a troupe that traveled the world.

“I was so happy I lost that client,” Bajszár says, laughing, because it means she was successful. “I teach people the tools to help themselves and I love the feeling.”

She says FasterEFT is really helpful for people with trauma in their life, especially things like PTSD and abuse. You just have to be open to doing it.

“The self-empowering aspect is very, very simple,” Bajszár says. “If you use it, it works.”

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