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The Bikes Are Back in Town: Denver B-cycle Riding High as 2012 Season Begins

The first large-scale municipal bike-sharing system in the United States is pedaling its wares once again, much to the delight of the many locals and visitors who use it. Last year saw a total of 202,731 rides, almost double the inaugural year in which there were 102,981.

“We are thrilled that more people are riding more often,” said Ken Gart, chair of the Denver Biking Sharing Board, referring to the 2011 numbers. “We achieved a 29.6% increase in the number of riders and 96.9% increase in the number of rides.”

This year is gearing up to be just as good, if not better. Denver B-cycle, along with Denver Parks & Rec, is in the process of applying for a grant to put six more stations into four Denver parks, including City Park, Hungarian Freedom Park, Community Plaza Park, and Marion Parkway. They are seeking public feedback on all of them.

Currently, Denver B-cycle stations can be found downtown, in Highland, Cherry Creek, and the University of Denver neighborhoods. The ubiquitous red bikes, available for a modest fee, are an economical and convenient way to travel that is friendly for both the environment and the rider’s health.

And they’ve already caught on in numerous other cities across the country:  Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Madison, San Antonio, and more.

The bikes are easy to use, designed for people short and tall, come with a basket, fenders, skirt/chain guards, and lights, and feature three different speeds.

There are four different access levels —annual membership, 24-hour access pass, 7-day access pass, and 30-day access pass — that can be purchased online (only 24-hour passes can be had at B-stations). Simply pick up a bike at whichever station is most convenient for you and drop it off at any station you like.

It’s good for the city, good for its image, good for the environment, and best of all — good for you. So get pedaling!

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