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Pile on the Strawberries and Let the Arm Flap Wave!

What beautiful and unseasonably warm weather we have at the moment!!!  I don’t know about ya’ll, but all I can think about are what flowers I want to plant this year and how my back porch painting project really, really needs to get done this year!!! Add that to my Dirty Dozens list of 12 procrastinations – none of which I have done yet, thank you for reminding me!!

I went to the store the other day and bought a box of absolutely luscious strawberries.  Now, one of my down falls is not cutting and prepping fruit so it is ready to eat.  Well, not this time!  I got off my ample keister and took the 15 minutes to wash and cut up those wonderful berries.  I’ve had them on my cereal in the morning and have packed them in my lunch for work.  I feel all “sparkly” inside after I eat them… come on, bring on the fruits of Spring!

Also, with the warm weather, I have been in a clothing dilemma!  Short sleeve shirts are sometimes a concern when one has the upper arm “jiggle”, but I vow not to let “the wave” stop me from being comfortable!  I say, shave the pits and exercise your right to bare arms!  Spring and Summer are coming, so if you are self-conscious, grab some light weights and do a few curls while watching TV (preferably CPT12).  But, for heaven’s sake, don’t be uncomfortable!   Cut a few calories here and there, and add in some exercise and you will be feeling like a new woman (or man) in no time!  I personally have been trying to reduce portion size, eat fresher, and get in a least one type of exercise a day – and I feel great!  Now, I haven’t gotten on the scale (as I don’t want to ruin my “feel good about me” buzz), but I can tell you I am walking taller and sleeping better!

Shedding pounds isn’t the only thing going on at my house (if you have dogs, you know where I’m going with this).  Yes – it’s that special time of year for dog owners/lovers -  the annual shedding of the winter coat!   It’s that time of the year when vacuuming goes from weekly to daily… that time of year when, after hugging your dog, you look like sasquatch… that time of year when you look at the sun streaming in through an open window and see dog hair gently wafting thru the air.  Just remember, vacuuming burns approximately 238 calories per hour (and, sometimes, I feel like my house needs to be vacuumed for an hour!!)

Speaking of dogs, our “puppy” Kindra grows one of the best winter coats around!  On Sunday, I gave her her first Spring haircut and she wants to show it off.

So, this Spring, I say “Pile on the Strawberries and Let the Arm Flap Wave!!!!!”  Get outside and enjoy yourself – because that is the easiest beauty secret of all!!!!

What thoughts does Spring bring up for you?

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