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“Go buy yourself something Pretty“

“Go buy yourself something Pretty,“ said my Hubby…

I was out running errands and my husband called and said something that I was supposed to pick up wouldn’t be ready for 30 minutes. (OK, busted – I was picking up a pizza.  Geez, you guys are good!) Anyway, to get back on topic – my hubby said, “Why don’t you swing by Target and go buy yourself something pretty.”

That’s a good husband.

So, being a good wife and doing everything my husband says (!!), I swung by Target. I roamed the aisles looking for that something pretty. Clothes?  Wasn’t feeling the love.  New decorative pillows?   Nah – didn’t feel like buying one more thing to vacuum dog hair off of. Candles? Wanted something that lasted longer.

Then, shining bright and proud – like a beacon in a sailor’s night sky – was my quest.

Yes, two brand new, lime green neoprene covered five pound weights.  I have never had my own weights before… I’ve used other people’s weights… my brother’s, my husband’s, some gym I went to twice (but was a member for a year!)  But these weights… these are mine.  I appreciate everything about them… neon green is easy to find in the morning… the slight padding of the neoprene… the heft that is not toooo heavy, but certainly not too light.  I see them and say to myself, “Hello, health.  Hello, strength.”

How do I use them?  With caution!  We have all been down that road where we add weights to our exercise routine, overdo it, can’t move for three days, and never use the weights again.  The DVD’s that I work out to in the mornings have sections where you “pick up those weights!”  So, I pick up the weights, exercise with them ‘til I get fatigued, but not exhausted, and then I put them down.   This is the part I cannot emphasis enough – put the weights down if you are a 47 year old, overweight, out-of-shape woman!!!  I didn’t get out of shape in a day, and I am not going to get healthy and tone overnight.  If I exhaust myself and cannot move, I will quit my exercise program.  I know me.  I’m a wimp.  I don’t like exercise.  I don’t like getting up at 6:00 AM and exercising.  Why put another excuse in my way?  Put down the weights and work up to doing a full set.  Doing 50 reps of arm curls on Monday and then being too spent to workout the rest of the week is simply not as good as doing 15 reps on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Know your body.  Know yourself.  Be nice to you.

Quick “12 pounds” update:
Exercise?  Still going strong… I workout to DVD’s five mornings a week, take Tai Chi classes twice a week, and walk the dogs at least every other day.  So, I’m moving!!!  And that’s the important thing… MOOOOVE!
Diet?  I still struggle with those “sneaker” calories (a piece of candy here, too much Mayo on my sandwich there…) and I still have to FORCE myself to count those calories…. And some days. I don’t count them all!
Smoking?  Still vaping rather than smoking.  Unfortunately, I have reverted back to have the occasional cigarette now and then.  (I know! I know!)  But, I have to be honest with you all, and that includes the bad as well as the good.
Weight?  I have not lost enough weight to even mention.  It’s the diet… I simply have not modified it enough.  But, I am eating so much healthier – that I must celebrate that as a victory!!!!

How are you doing on your health journey? What is something pretty that you would like to buy yourself?

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