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Is Health Care in Colorado Working?

Well, that’s the million dollar question. Or more accurately the $30 billion dollar question, based on how much the state spends annually on health care according to statehealthfacts.org. It’s a good week to be asking the question as the courts tackle the question of the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s “individual mandate” and the law as a whole.

Here in Colorado, a full-page ad ran in Sunday’s Denver Post asking Coloradan’s to answer one very simple — or maybe not-so-simple— question: Is health care working? The answer, based on the relatively small sample size found in the ad, is “no.”  Readers were then directed to continue the conversation, ask questions, get answers, and share solutions at projecthealthcolorado.org.

Project Health Colorado is a “growing group of organizations who are interested in discussing health care issues, learning more and standing together to make health care work better for Coloradans.” It’s funded by The Colorado Trust, a grant-making foundation dedicated to achieving access to health for everyone in the state.

The basic premise of the project is that you and your family should be able to get the care you need.  That’s often easier said than done though. And that’s why Project Health Colorado exists, to provide a platform and soapbox to learn and convey your feedback.

Get a sense of what your fellow Coloradans think on the various issues of the day, hear from experts, express your opinions and leave comments, and get information on the changes that have already been instituted in Colorado based on the Affordable Care Act.

The current consensus on Project Health’s site seems to indicate that Coloradans are not satisfied with health care, more or less across the board. This site is one step that is being taken to verify the state’s sentiment, and to make our collective voice heard.

As Project Health Colorado says:  “It’s your care. It’s your coverage. Have a say in it.”

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