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Tai Chi me, baby!

There are those people we meet in life who have natural athletic abilities, who move with innate grace, who don’t walk into walls when there is a four foot wide doorway 6 inches to the left. Those people are not me.

I am not graceful.

No, no – I’m not seeking a “sure, ya are” or “don’t say that.”

I am simply stating a fact:  I am not graceful – never have been and probably never will be.

I accept this about myself. Neither my father, mother, sisters, nor my grandparents… not a natural athlete among them.  (My brother could play a mean game of tennis – but, I’m not sure he’s not adopted, based on this criterion!)

So, exercise has never come naturally to me…. I could Jazzercise in the early ‘80’s, because it had a total of 4 different step-moves.  The grapevine did take work, but I conquered it. I did own the Jane Fonda Workout RECORD (back in 1984), and was very accomplished at the different moves (given that I could not see how to actually perform them.)  Sure, I’ve taken the odd exercise class here and there throughout the years, but have never stuck with them, partially due to the fact that I look like an elephant on roller skates… on a frozen lake… while juggling water balloons.

So, when a friend of mine mentioned Tai Chi classes and maybe I’d like to go with her…????, you might think, given my history, I would decline.  But, NO! I am nothing if not intrepid.  So I signed up… with thoughts of me tripping myself, tripping others, and/or poking someone’s eye out dancing in my head.  How would I remember all the moves?  What if everyone caught on but me?  What if I lost my balance and fell down?  All very possible scenarios in my case.

However, after three weeks, I am proud to report:  I LOVE TAI CHI!

Turns out everyone who signed up for the class had the same thoughts as I did… everyone was concerned about not remembering the sequences, or turning right instead of left, or not holding their hands correctly. Evidently, that is why people take classes and practice and practice and practice (who knew?)  Taking it with a friend has really helped, not only in moral support, but, as we also work together, we can practice every day.  What a fun, stress-relieving, and healthy break.

One of my favorite things about the class is not the class at all… it is a Yin-Yang quilt at the Tai Chi school.  When I think of the classic Yin-Yang, I think of black-and-white.  However, the artist who created this particular quilt made it in a myriad of colors – colors that not only show what an incredible artist she/he is, but really reflect, to me at least, how complex and beautiful life itself is.  Take a peek for yourself:

So, go bravely into that unexplored (or revisited) exercise class…. And take a friend!

Klutz’s. Two-left footers. Non-athletes. Welcome here.

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