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Vegas, Baby!

Sorry I haven’t posted lately – I’ve been traveling!

Every year the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has a trade show in Las Vegas.  All the latest products for both Radio and Television are displayed, by industry vendors, both large and small.  I was asked to go to be a “Demo Person” for one of the vendors.  Now, I am a very gregarious person and am always willing to travel on someone else’s dime – so away I went!

Now, first of all, I am not a “Vegas” person… I don’t gamble, unless you count cooking.  When I first saw the ladies dancing on the Coyote Ugly bar (as they are supposed to), I thought, “Those girls are going to get in trouble for being up there!”  When people on the street try to give me “those” cards, I indignantly say, “I’m Married!!”

So, the typical Vegas high-life is not for me…. But, oh, the adventures I had!

First, palm trees…. What a treat it is to see palm trees….

And, the food….. The Hofbräuhaus, with authentic German Cuisine… the China Grill at Mandalay Bay, served family style with sumptuous 4 dishes per course…. the Hyde room at the Bellagio, with that wonderful view…. 35 at the Hard Rock Café, where not one, but four servers, made sure we had a wonderful dining experience….. what’s a girl to do???  Each meal was better than the last – no calorie counting on this trip!

While at the Bellagio, I was also fortunate to get to visit their Monet exhibit…. Breath-taking is not a strong enough word!   I have never been a great Monet fan (Van Gogh is my man!), but to see Monets in person (with a string quartet playing in the background!) was quite humbling.  No pics were allowed, or I would be sharing them with you!  Oh – speaking of Art, have you had a chance to watch Art in the Twenty First Century, Tuesday nights at 8pm on 12.1?  Really great show, with various artists explaining the thoughts and processes behind their creations.

Now, I actually did work while on this trip, 12 hours a day, in fact!  I was exhausted – but, to meet such wonderful and diverse people, to see such beautiful art, and partake in world-class cuisine was well worth the lack of sleep and aching feet!

Even with my trip to Vegas over, my travels were not done!  My Dad’s birthday was fast approaching, so off to Indiana I went…. More adventures to follow in my next few posts!

Where are your adventures taking you this Spring?

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