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Sports Medicine Program for Young Athletes Shows Children’s Hospital at the Top of Their Game

With school and fall sports in full swing, kids are at it again. Not that the kids who are involved in sports get much downtime these days. Usually if they play football or soccer or anything else starting in September, they often go at it year-round with traveling teams and the like.

And even though they bounce back a heckuva lot quicker than adults, wear and tear on the younger generations is still a concern. And that’s where the sports medicine program for young athletes at Children’s Hospital comes into play.

They ask the questions that parents might not always think about: What should a young athlete eat before they compete? When is it safe for them to start lifting weights? What’s the difference between static and dynamic stretching? What are some tips to prevent injuries?

Even better than the questions are the fact that they specialize in the answers. They can tackle anything from concussion treatment to sports nutrition to sports injury surgery.

The team consists of sports medicine physicians, sports-trained orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, clinicians, researchers and athletic trainers, all dedicated to children, teens, and young adults. They work together to form a game plan, developing safe, effective treatments that help athletes return to playing sports. And they can be found across Colorado.

As someone who was very involved in sports growing up, this would have been a great resource to have. When you’re young, every bump, bruise and broken bone is just an inconvenience that slows you down. As you age, you realize that the beating your body has taken might have a repercussion or two down the road.

The cool, and differentiating, thing about this program is that Children’s board-certified experts see only young athletes. They understand how an injury might impact growth, or how growth might impact rehab. They even offer sports psychology for the younger set.

There are also pediatric-specific machines for x-rays and MRIs, operating rooms and dedicated sports therapy gyms.

Injuries are an inevitable part of the game, especially with how often, and hard, kids play sports nowadays. It’s nice to know they have an organization sitting on the sideline who is there to support them any time it’s needed.

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