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Lose Weight Over the Holidays & Gain Insight into Your Personal Health with Healthin12

With Christmas season right around the corner, health talk always seems to turn to those holiday binges, whether it be eating, drinking or both. Thanksgiving is tough, of course, but it’s one day vs. a series of X-mas parties with friends and coworkers. Then there’s New Year’s, right on St. Nick’s heels.

So rather than succumb to December’s bacchanalian soirees, with thoughts of hitting the gym after the “eggnog” hangover is over, why not try a program that will carry you through festival time?

There are lots out there, of course, but there’s an interesting local one called Healthin12 that is formulated a bit differently than most. In addition to educational lessons, online tools to log food and exercise, and weekly health tips, you have direct access to a registered dietitian.

“When you sign up you have the ability to have your questions answered by a registered dietitian,” explains Susan Drake, M.S., R.D., a nutritionist and registered dietitian certified in weight management treatment with Healthin12 and Gr8Weight. “Should you need individual sessions, they are available as well. This is what makes the program so great, your needs can be individualized!”

This 12-week program was designed to be thought-provoking, educational and to allow for flexibility. It helps you establish personal goals for a healthier life, whether that’s a wholesome diet, a decrease in cholesterol, or the desire to lose weight. And it approaches all of that in a realistic way.

Healthin12 promotes losing weight in a “stair step” fashion,” says Drake, “meaning you lose five to 10 percent of your body weight and learn to maintain your new weight. Once you are successful at maintaining, then you can shoot for another five to 10 percent if you still need to lose more.”

It’s extremely difficult for most people to jump into something and change substantial things like diet and exercise all at once. Healthin12 is about taking small, manageable steps to increase energy, improve health and longevity and knock the pounds off.

“Bottom line,” says Drake, “is that learning to maintain a smaller amount of weight loss is healthier than reaching an unrealistic weight goal and then gaining the weight back.”

The holidays can be a trying time for everyone when it comes to eating healthy and maintaining an exercise regimen. If you already have something in place like Healthin12 that allows for a bit of leeway and individuality, you might not have to forsake all food and live in the gym when 2013 rolls around.

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