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(Urban) Chickens, Goats & Bees … Oh My

Real ingredients. Real food. Real good.

People are realizing this in droves, waking up from a decades-long slumber where food production is concerned. And many are taking it one step further, by becoming intimately connected to the source of those real ingredients.

To that end, backyard chicken keeping classes, as well as goat and bee-keeping instruction have sprung up around the city. No longer the sole domain of farmers, animals as food producers are becoming more ubiquitous in urban settings.

Heirloom Gardens, for example, offers classes on chickens — the next one is February 24 — that cover choosing the right birds, chick care, housing and fencing, egg basics, financial considerations and the livestock permitting process. They also offer a similar one on goats, as does Denver Urban Homesteaders (DUH), who sponsors a class on the basics of dwarf milk goats.

Interested in bees and the sweet stuff they produce? Well, there’s a class for that as well through DUH, taught by expert beekeepers.  Learn the ropes on what kind of hive to buy, where to get the bees, how to manage them, the intricacies of pollination and, most important, how to get honey.

Both Denver Urban Homesteaders and Heirloom Gardens are home-grown leaders in the local food movement, and have long been entreating people to truly know where their food comes from.

And now, much to their delight, people are starting to listen and learn.

Local Classes

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