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A Woman’s Examination of Women’s History Month

Wednesday, March 13, 2013- I chose to walk through the doors of my employer this morning by means of my own will. I am freely offered the ability to grow within the structure of leadership and to input my opinions on a daily basis, as I desire. I am a respected equal to the men that walk down the hallways and sit next to me in the conference room, not by merit, but because they show no prejudice to the differences of our anatomy.

I sit here, in my private and comfortable office, typing on my Mac in complete naivety and within a constrained, privileged mindset as a woman. My mind travels to my dinner plans, the projects piling on my desk, and my empty Starbucks cup rather than the honest truth of what is happening in the world at this very moment.

Women across the world, and in my own country, will have to face their worst fears before I finish my first meeting. Some will be sold into the labor or sex industry as slaves, some will die in childbirth, some will lose their bodies to the pillaging of war, some too young will be married, some will be denied promotions, and some will be banned from ever learning how to read—all because they are women.

Bold, courageous, freedom-bearing women have fought the battles that distance me from this reality. It is because of generations of famous and unknown women doing intrepid and exceptional work all around the world that I do not face these tragedies.

It is these women’s voices that stir in my heart and my head—beckoning an awakening to actuality and calling forth greatness. I welcome their presence. May we continue to engage, stand, and empower, and let our voices be invitations to truth; May we wrestle to see the world outside our own bubbles and, more importantly, may we never forget and may we never become impartial. May we always fight for equality.

I challenge you to get involved this month. Use this declared time of remembrance as a way to become more educated and aware:

  • View a small fragment of the fight for gender equality happening internationally through a two part series called Half the Sky airing on March 25th and April 1st on CPT12.
  • Explore the portrait of one incredible woman “as she struggles to raise her two children, further her education, and heal herself from the wounds of sexual abuse she suffered as a child” on Kind-Hearted Woman, another two part series, airing on April 10th and 11th on CPT12.
  • Become inspired by countless revolutionists that changed the face of American culture forever through the brilliant series Makers that airs Monday nights at 7pm.
  • Use your voice. Join Studio 12 and a panel of extraordinary Colorado women as they discuss power, leadership, career and family. Call our studio at 303-296-1253 on March 20th from 7-8pm and let us know your thoughts on what it means to “have it all” today.
  • And finally, connect. Get involved near your home. Talk to the women in your family and church, and other parents at your school. Start a movement, join the initiative, and fight for equality any way you can. Any worthwhile progress takes a community.

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