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Your Health — There’s an App for That

We live in a technical, “connected” world. Whether or not a digitally tethered populace is a good (and collectively healthy) thing in the big picture is a post for another day. But the reality is that technology isn’t going anywhere any time soon and viewed through a smaller lens, there are some fun and useful apps out there that really can help you.

Colorado is no slouch when it comes to health and fitness, often ranking well ahead of just about every other state. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all use a little nudge from time to time. Sometimes that might be tracking calories to lose that extra five pounds. Sometimes it might be new exercises you can do to break the routine and get stronger. And other times it might be a virtual “assistant” that helps you train for a race.

So if you’re on the fence about doing that half marathon, or needing a little push to get into bathing suit shape, here are a few apps that might fit the bill:

Fitness Buddy – By Azumio, Inc.
This app, billed as “one of the best iPhone apps ever” by Gizmodo, offers 1700+ exercises and more than 1,000 HD exercise videos. Exercises can be categorized by things like core, lower body, chest, shoulders, etc., and you have the capability to add your own exercises and favorites. Any time there is confusion, you can review detailed exercise instructions and view photos and animations.

Run Keeper – By Fitness Keeper, Inc.
This app allows you to track your running, walking, cycling, hiking and biking using the GPS built into your phone. Sure you say, no big deal, right? Well, these guys boast more than 16 million people who use their app as a personal trainer of sorts. In addition to the standard tracking, you can get stats, progress updates and coaching through audio cues. You can measure your heart rate with available sensors and get detailed pace, distance and time info, as well as calories burned. Then there are detailed histories, notifications of personal bests and milestones, and so on. You get the picture. Now get in shape!

Lose It! – By FitNow, Inc.
Here’s a simple-to-use app for helping control your weight and lose those few stubborn pounds. As you track what you eat, choose from a huge number of foods whose calorie counts have already been added to the app. Scan a food’s bar code for those that haven’t or add your own to the list. See where you stack up on a daily basis based on what you eat and how much you exercise. Then, if you’re so inclined, share your results to inspire others or to draw inspiration.

iTriage – By iTriage, LLC
This well-regarded app, with more than 1 million downloads on Android alone, is a home-grown Denver product. Developed by two ER docs, iTriage gives users a proprietary “symptom to provider pathway,” meaning you can search on whatever is bothering you and be directed to the most appropriate doctor or facility. On top of that, there are descriptions of thousands of medical issues and conditions, you can do a Doctor Search, find the closest hospital or emergency room to your current location and check wait times for select hospitals. Lots more good stuff on this app too.

These are just a smattering of the options out there to assist you in just about any way you can think of when it comes to your health. Are these substitutes for eating right, exercise or medical doctors? Of course not. But sometimes these little digital companions can help you reach that goal you’ve set or find that ER when needed.

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