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Bullying: Words Do Hurt



In the video below last week’s Saturday Night Live featured actress Melissa McCarthy playing Coach Sheila Kelley on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines,” a coach so abusive she throws toasters at her players and runs them over with golf carts. The sketch continues, “Mike Rice’s actions, while shocking, seem gentile compared to the actions of this woman.”


Despite the forum, bullying is no laughing matter. Bullying can happen on or off court, in schoolyards, or even the sprawling offices of Corporate America. Bulling is not something people “grow out of”; children as well as adults can both be victims and perpetrators of bullying. Here’s what you need to know on the real effects and costs of bullying as reported by DoSomething.org, MakeBeatsNotBeatDowns.org, and a CBS 2 New York Survey.

Bullying by the numbers:

2/3 of students believe schools respond poorly to bullying.

16,000 teens miss school every day for fear of being bullied.

90% of LGBT youth report being verbally bullied because of their sexual orientation.

1 in 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying

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