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Let’s Talk About Race

Nearly one month ago on April 9th, country singer Brad Paisley released “Accidental Racist”, a new single from his Wheelouse album. The song, a collaboration with rapper LL Cool J has lit up emotions and social media alike with #AccidentalRacist becoming one of the highest trending topics on Twitter that week. Listen to the song for yourself below:


With lyrics like “If you don’t judge me by my gold chains, I’ll forget about the iron chains” and Paisley lamenting not being able wear his Confederate flag t-shirts, the song has sparked considerable controversy and has reignited America’s conversation about race. Watch Paisley and LL Cool J defend their song on ABC News below:


In addition to music, soft drinks are also pushing the racial envelope. In April, PepsiCo launched a new online commercial featuring a goat with a physical addiction to Mountain Dew. The ad, which culminates in the protagonist goat being part of a police line up with three African American men, has sparked controversy with some saying it even perpetuates the stereotype of black males participating in criminal acts and acts of domestic violence. The commercial was subsequently pulled by PepsiCo, but you can see a report on it in this segment from ABC News below:


What do you think about Paisley’s new song and the Mountain Dew commercial? What do you think about the current state of race relations in America? Tune in tonight at 7pm and join the conversation live by calling 303-296-1253.

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