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Happy Pridefest, Denver!

The sun is out, the rainbow flags are flying, and the Dykes on Bikes are gunning their Harleys. It’s Pridefest weekend, Denver!

Though it’s easy to simply lose oneself in a sea of fabulous asymmetrical haircuts and drag queens this weekend, the rich meaning behind Pride is reason to pause and reflect. Pridefest was created in 1976 to celebrate all people of every race, gender, orientation, and any other distinction that has historically been used as reason to divide. It’s a time to come together, not in uniformity, but in unity as humans.

CPT12 celebrates you, Denver, for your individuality, uniqueness, and courage to live life fully and vibrantly. Cheers to you for being who you are and for being proud of it. Happy Pridefest 2013 from CPT12!

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