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Choosing a Weight-Loss Program That’s Right for You

Choosing a weight-loss program can be a daunting task. There are so many programs to choose from and you may have already tried several of them.

Many programs offer a “quick fix” and only emphasize how to get the weight off. With most programs, weight loss is the focus and is achievable.

What many programs do not emphasize is keeping the weight off. Weight loss can be the easy part, with weight maintenance being the challenge. Select a program for life-long success. Read more to learn key aspects of a sound weight-loss program.


  • Choose a program that incorporates proven weight-loss methods.
  • Logging food intake is one of the top habits people who have lost weight incorporate into their daily lives.
  • Check out the National Weight Control Registry. This is a database that highlights successful habits for weight loss and maintenance.


By choosing a program that is individualized to you, you will most likely be able to stick with the plan because it fits your life, not someone else’s. A program should take into consideration your work and family life, reasons for gaining weight and how to overcome obstacles contributing to weight. It should also take into consideration food likes, dislikes and sensitivities.

No Gimmicks

Gimmicks and quick fixes are only good for the here and now. Not long term.

  • Avoid special pills.
  • Avoid fast weight loss.
  • Avoid eliminating any food group unless it is a medically supervised program.

Life-Long Focus

  • Program should be goal-oriented.
  • Focus on behavioral changes.
  • Set small, achievable goals instead of extreme, unattainable goals.
Susan Drake, M.S., R.D.
Nutrition Consultant
Advanced Nutrition Concepts, LLC


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