YES!!! Icky Take Out Food!!

You know you’ve reached a dieting turning point when the foods that used to tempt and delight you, now don’t taste so good. And instead you create a healthier alternative to satisfy that taste “itch.” Sally has indeed reached that point. Go Sally!

Lost 4 Pounds!!!

Diet is definitely a four-letter word. The trick to losing weight is a matter of ignoring the rules and finding satisfying tricks so that there is little-to-no deprivation. At least it’s working for Sally that way.

Tamara Banks: Reporting from Rwanda – First Entry

Tamara Banks is in Rwanda, reporting on how that country has become an international model of how to rebuild and move forward after genocide. She is traveling on an IRP Gatekeeper Editors trip organized by the International Reporting Project. Check in here at for her blog updates from her trip as she continues her work centered around genocide, crimes against humanity and social injustice.

12 Pounds Down

Recent wedding pictures have spurred me into setting a weight loss goal…12 pounds by Christmas. Join me in my journey and weigh in (no pun intended) with the tips you’ve found helpful in getting fit.